Single Origin Coffees


Most coffee connoisseurs consider Hawaii’s Kona to be one of the world’s finest coffees. The constant debate about which is best is good-spirited but needless since there are many excellent coffees. Kona is a single-origin, “varietal” coffee. Like a great French claret, it has the strength and character to stand by itself as a wonderfully pleasurable taste experience. No other growing district can consistently make this claim.

Pure Hawaiian Coffee. A true gourmet coffee grown entirely in Hawaii and considered one of the world’s premier coffees. Grown in rich, volcanic soil in a beautifully unique climate, tended and picked by hand. Unquestionably one of the world’s finest coffees! A smooth, elegant and perfectly balanced rich flavor. When you grind and brew these big beans, you’ll experience an aroma and a flavor that are pure paradise.
100% Kona. From the Kona District on the Big Island Hawaii. (100% – not a blend.) Certified Kona is considered … [Full Article]